Camel racing in UAE Culture

Camel racing in UAE CultureCamel racing in UAE culture goes back to the time when Bedouins inhabited all over the area. Camels  were considered to be God’s gift as they were not only used as a source of transportation. They also as a source of food, clothes and milk.
Similarly, camel racing in UAE Qatar has its deep roots from the 1970’s era. Camel races  ( سباق الهجن ) were considered to be the best source of entertainment in their weddings. In fact at that time there was almost no wedding was considered complete without camel racing.

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Camel racing in UAE culture

In most recent days, camel racing Qatar is considered to be the most profitable business prospect. It offers not only very high rewards. It also brings immense popularity for the company and everyone else related to it as well.   The locals of UAE are so much into the sport that in camel racing. In UAE culture, many local resident families have a proper set up of their own camel stables. Here the camels are taken extreme care starting from the time of their birth. They are then properly fed and trained by experienced trainers and a camel jockey in order to make the animal perfect for camel races.

Camel racing history of UAE

If you compare the camel racing in UAE culture with that of the world, you will clearly find out that the camel racing history of UAE is a far more richer and extremely fabulous then the rest of the world. This is mainly because camels have a long relation with the locals here as they have been used by the locals from a very long time.

Camel Racing Robot

In the past camel racing robot have been noticed to be used in these events but later it was reported that small children were used as camel jockey. Later the news came on scene that these small children were being subject to child abuse. Therefore after extreme pressure from child abuse protection authorities these small children were banned from participating in all camel racing events. Hence, camel racing robot came back into business and have been used in camel races since then.

Camel Racing

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