Camel racing robot

In almost all of the camel racing events, camel racing robot have been observed to be used. But as time passed on this tradition was taken over by small children. These small children were used as a camel jockey.  Because the locals here in the UAE were more amused by them rather than the camel racing robot.

Camel Racing Robot

The news came to scene that these small children were being subject to child abuse. Many child abuse protection agencies came into action and immense pressure was put on the culprits. This resulted in camel racing robot to come back in its previous place in all camel races.

Camel racing in UAE culture

When looking onto the camel racing history ( سباق الهجن ), it roots go well back to the 1970’s era. Many historians tell that back in that time the locals considered camel racing as the best source of entertainment. Especially in their weddings. In fact at that time there was no wedding event considered complete without camel races.  The camel racing in UAE culture is considered to be one of the richest in the world. The locals here have set up proper stables for camels.


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Camel Racing Qatar

Here these camels are fed the best quality food, showered daily. Even these camels are checked and evaluated weekly by veterinary doctors.  Thus these camels are trained by world known trainers to become the best animals. After this training they participate in camel racing ( سباق الجمال ) in UAE Qatar events. Camel racing Qatar has become such a rich event. Many big names have shown interest in this business and made investments worth millions of dollars.

Camel racing events

It is not that only people from all over the world come to this part to watch live camel races events but more and more camel jockey have been observed to show their interest for participating in camel racing events.  Although gambling in the UAE is strictly prohibited and serious penalties and in place for anyone found guilty of this prohibited activity. But several addicts have found out many ways to quench their thirst of gambling.

If you search properly over the internet you will be able to find several sites that provide details regarding betting on camel racing.
These sites have such fabulous graphics that the players really feel like they are actually in the very same environment as if really inside a camel racing arena.

Arabic Bets

Many online bookmakers such as ArabicBetting offer you links at Bwin sports betting from where even from your smartphones you can easily access the site and place your bet.  Another well known online bookmaker with regards to camel racing events is Arabic Bets, which provides almost all the required details to gamblers in order to facilitate them and make their chances to win.

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